Mediation Lawyer in Blue Springs, Lee’s Summit Missouri

Dana Outlaw Law Office

Are you in a dispute with a former spouse or the fellow parent of your child and wish you could settle your differences without dragging them into court? You might be a perfect candidate for mediation.

Dana Outlaw – Mediation Services Provider

An expert in child custody law, Dana Outlaw provides mediation services for those near Lee’s Summit, MO and Blue Springs, MO wishing to settle their disputes without going to trial. A mediation session may be voluntary or it may be ordered by the court. During these sessions, the parties may negotiate issues involving child custody, parenting time, child support, property division, maintenance, and other issues in their case.

Why Choose Mediation?

Why should you consider mediation over simply going to trial?

Mediators are not lawyers – or at least they are not acting as a lawyer when performing mediation services. Mediators are neutral parties who do not make decisions or recommendations on anyone’s behalf. Mediation takes place in an office setting and all discussions are confidential.

This allows the individuals involved to discuss their dispute in private rather than having their disagreement become part of a public record at trial. Most importantly, it allows these individuals to retain some form of control over the outcome of their case. This is a casualty of a case being taken to trial – and a major reason to consider mediation.

Mediation is an affordable option when compared to going to trial. Involved parties are more likely to follow their agreement when they work something out together, as well. It also has less of a negative impact on the family unit, which is important in cases involving children.

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